Il Birrificio Belga

Dark Coal: nostre sweet milk stout une bird di fondo.

Leggero e rinfrescante. D’un nero intenso ottenuto dalla preparazione di malti speciali e arrosto, Dark Cola si distingue per la sua consistenza cremosa con aromi di caffè o moka.
Una schiuma cremosa viene a ricordare il cappuccino. L’aggiunta di sciroppo artigianale di Liegi gli conferisce una bocca posteriore di mela e di pera.
Da gustare durante un dolce al cioccolato o con carne alla griglia, un buon formaggio o da soli, solo per divertimento.

High fermentation. Style: Milk stout, sweet stout. 5,5 %

Gold: une birra bionda equilibrata.

L’intelligente combinazione di diversi malti conferisce a questa birra un colore dorato.
Con moderata gradazione alcolica, sapore leggermente luppolato, e sue note speziate di coriandolo e i suoi accenti di agrumi stuzzicheranno le tue papille gustative. Da gustare da solo o con carne bianca, maiale e agnello.

High fermentation; style: Belgian pale ale 6 %

Red: la birra fruttata, rinfrescante.

Volevamo una birra per tutti: dolce, leggera, molto rinfrescante. Il predominio è fruttato, sono le fragole (fiore della nostra regione) che ci hanno ispirato. Le spezie e il luppolo apportano una combinazione fine sorprendente e irresistible. Da gustare come aperitivo, in terrazza, da soli o con gli amici

Belgicus SO-IPA

Un singolo luppolo IPA per veri amanti della birra. SO IPA è una birra DOPPIA dalla spiccata amarezza ottenuta grazie ai soli luppoli Sorachi originari del Giappone. Apporta una finezza di limone ma anche note legnose e fruttate a questa IPA originale. 7,3%


UNA BIRRA BIONDA EQUILIBRATA La sapiente combinazione di più malti conferisce a questa birra DOPPIA e BIOLOGICA un colore dorato e una sensazione rinfrescante. Il suo gusto leggermente luppolato, le note speziate e gli accenti di agrumi stuzzicheranno le tue papille gustative. Alc. : 7,2% vol
Certificazione biologica di CERTISYS
BE-BIO-01 CertisysAgriculture EU / non EU 


La morbidezza della viola contrasta sottilmente con la freschezza e il carattere di questo Belgicus BIOLOGICO. Alc. : 5,3% vol
Certificazione biologica di CERTISYS
BE-BIO-01 CertisysAgriculture EU / non EU 

Altre produzioni:

Oltre la Belgicus, sviluppiamo o produciamo molte altre ricette per altri marchi, eventi o richieste specifiche.

Produciamo la « la Marcus beer », la bird che ha vinto la competizione per la migliore birra della provincia di Liegi nel 2018.

The Brewery

The Belgian Brewery develops and brews quality craft beers on its own brand (Belgicus®) but also for many other brands or for specific events and requests.

We favour local ingredients for our productions.
We are willing to develop a wide range of beers including organic beers.

For this purpose, we have installed a brewery with the latest equipment that allows us to brew in the best conditions possible and ensure uniform top quality.
We have the opportunity to brew the equivalent of more than 10,000 bottles of 33cl (11.61 Oz) per week. Most of our recipes are re-fermented in bottle but we can also work in isobarometric and thus answer the widest requests.

The Belgian brewery was born from the meeting of complementary and passionate personalities.

Our brewmaster has created our recipes. A true passionate, "felt in" when he was young.
The love of well-made beer has always inhabited him. He began pharmacist studies that he finished brilliantly and made it his job. But the passion didn’t stop, so he decided to undertake brewery studies and thus acquired the bases that allowed him to explore and excel in all brewing techniques.
He then spent many years perfecting his craft and became a true specialist who shared his know-how with many brewers in Belgium. He has worked in several breweries and his pharmacist training brings him specific skills recognized by his colleagues.

In 2016, he met Michel and Bruno, 2 other passionate. They were not brewers but rather tasters: these two are recognized by their more rounded belly ...

Michel is a computer specialist, but also designer and specialist in communication. He gives an identity to the Belgicus. He also takes care to share the passion with those who gives us the pleasure to taste our beverages.

Bruno is also a scientist but he has turned to entrepreneurship. He dreams of making drinks forever. He is responsible for making all of this beautiful project work and brings a specific experience that will soon be found in our new recipes.

The history

We are located Place Coronmeuse @ Liege (Belgium), the place where all began,

Coronmeuse the suburb at the origin of the beer in Liege

Coronmeuse has been known since the Middle Ages for its breweries. It is a small suburb situated in the immediate vicinity of the City of Liège belonging to the lordship of Herstal since at least the 8th century.

October 20, 1740 Coronmeuse was attached to the Principality of Liège. The hamlet then fell by successive legacies into the hands of King Frederick II of Prussia. Despite old treaties dating back to 1546 and 1654, he imposed on the Lord-Bishop of Liege, under the threat of his troops, the purchase of the area for the astronomical sum of 200,000 crowns.

Just beside the City of Liege, but not dependent on it legally, Coronmeuse thus escapes the Liege taxes on consumption and the production of drinks and thus profits from its privileged situation throughout the Middle Ages and the Modern times. In the 14th century the small town saw the development of the "brassines", as were called the breweries at that period. Many people from Liege, for several generations, used to spend their leisure time at Coronmeuse as they already could taste there the best beers of the country.

Coronmeuse: a place where water is highlighted.

Coronmeuse is an exceptional site where water has been highlighted for decades and it is not accidentally that we decided to install the Belgian Brewery there.

One of the major events taking place in Coronmeuse during the spring and summer of 1939 is an international exhibition with the theme "The International Water Technology Exhibition", a major event that lasted until Belgium entered into the war.

It is also during this international exhibition that the Albert Canal was inaugurated. This is where the entrance of the canal is located, recognizable by the huge statue of King Albert I.

A real "Aquapôle" where we also find the independent port of Liège (3rd European river port), Monsin Island, the dam bridge but also the largest brewery in Belgium, Jupiler, installed since its beginning on the other edge of the Meuse river, just in front of the Belgian Brewery.

Belgicus Beer

During the first half of the sixteenth century, Charles Quint, owned Spain and a large part of the New World. He controlled a region that includes the north of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the current Netherlands. This kingdom, called the Netherlands Belgium, was made up of 17 provinces, whose outlines followed the silhouette of a lion. On vintage maps, this lion is nicknamed “Leo Belgicus” from where our beer gets its name.

Born in Ghent and having spent most of his youth in Brabant, Charles Quint felt more Belgian than Spanish. As Belgian, he had an interest for the drink that was in vogue at the time; a precious foaming liquid called beer.
The people of that time consumed this drink for reasons of hygiene: the water fountains were not always of good quality, it often caused diseases. Thanks to the many hot brewing operations required to make the drink, the brewers managed to get rid of the bacteria that infected this water. The beer was brewed with barley, wheat and oat or these three elements mixed together.

Come and see us !


Place Coronmeuse, 7
4040 Herstal (Liège)

Head Office:
Rue Fond-des-Tawes, 405
4000 Liège



Michel Collot
+32-498 91 31 62

Michel Collot

TVA BE0683.948.384.
Bank BE49 0018 2583 8171

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